Golf Carts

A golf cart is a small vehicle with torch light and intended to carry  two players and their clubs around the golf course. They are normally powered  by small gas engines or are electrically powered. Electric carts have been around since roughly 1951. There are many models, and through the years, designers have gotten better and better at providing more features and enhanced standard features, but basically, it remains the same simple vehicle that it has been from the beginning of its invention. Today’s carts are ergonomically designed to enhance the enjoyment and reduce the risk of injury to players while carrying their equipment. Modern-day carts, coupled with their styling and accessories included (such as audio entertainment systems, stylish wheels, and custom body panels), are for all purposes, miniature cars.

 The primary advantage of pre-owned  carts to the environment and community is the recycling of useable goods. Electric models are popular because of lack of noise and pollution. You won’t find much of a price difference when comparing new electric and gas carts. But, more than 90% of the pre-owned market comes from vehicles initially leased to private courses and country clubs, who are almost completely choosing electric models these days. Per industry experts, purchases by courses have risen only slightly during the previous 10 years, but purchases by individuals have doubled. Just about all major universities across the country have courses of some type, and golf carts frequently make an showing from the club house. For instance, carts that are for sale have been driven hardly at all and are almost as good as  the brand new ones. On Hamilton Island, Queensland, Australia and also the Tropical Islands of Belize, where mainland vehicles are not allowed, they are the leading form of transportation. Just below Atlanta, GA, Peachtree City has numerous miles of golf cart paths that link the city together.

 Whether you are on vacation at a brand-new course, or messing around at your local favorite, the use of a cart at a golf course is a privilege; the privilege can be taken away if rules are broken. Follow daily cart instructions, signs and cart traffic control. Every player is responsible for reading and adhering to these rules. At the majority of courses, carts are seasonally permitted onto the fairway at a 90 degree angle, with no carts permitted on par-threes. If heavy rainfall has occured within the past 24 hours, sometimes a course will restrict the carts to the cart paths only.

 As with color flashlight and anything else, golf carts have become collectibles. Just look at Harley Davidson golf carts for instance. Because a Harley Davidson model is considered a classic, if you possess one, you unquestionably would want to keep it in good shape. The manufacturing of these carts over time passed on to other companies, but Harley Davidson golf carts are still in service today, with many impassioned fans.