Golf Balls

Golf balls are divided into two categories: recreational and advanced. In the 20th century, multi-layer balls were developed, first as wound, consisting of a solid or liquid-filled core wound with a layer of rubber thread and a thin outer shell. They have progressed into having cores of titanium compounds, hybrid materials, softer shells and a more pressurized core. Today, they are the culmination of a variety of disciplines and talents, from material science to physics. Like golf clubs, they are subject to testing and approval by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews and the United States Golf Association, and those that do not conform with the regulations may not be used in competitions.

 Most new  balls are launched at the beginning of the year for the upcoming season, but world’s brightest flashlight equipment company R&D departments never sleep. Three-piece and four-piece balls are a good match for golfers with moderate to high club head speeds who want distance and feel. Nowadays, they are designed to retain their white appearance and their gloss even after being used. Balls from different manufacturers vary significantly in the way they perform, contact the club, fly through the air or roll on the grass. Titleist golf ballsare the most known from a brand standpoint. Callaway golf balls are also another well known brand used by top professionals. Nike Golf balls are definitely worth a look, since the number one player in the world uses them exclusively.

 As you may have guessed, the perfect balls are a personal opinion. Logo golf balls are a great way to brand your business, market you goods, hand out to friends and employees. Custom marked single color design golf balls are printed with a single color logo or designation on a new white golf ball. Used golf balls are balls that have been used, most likely hit into water, spruced up and resold. Being refurbished, or sometimes called reconditioned, they are unlike used. Seeing that these balls have been played, or “seasoned” as we like to call them, don’t presume any drop in quality. X-Out golf balls can be purchased in many golf shops and retail black light flashlight businesses in dully packaged boxes at extreme discounts compared to “normal” golf balls. They are good at performing disappearing acts, with lakes or ponds being the likely suspect.

 One well known online retailer of new and recycled balls is Knetgolf. Knetgolf’s mint quality recycled golf balls are the best available and are the choice for many golfers regardless of skill level. Knetgolf’s Grade A Recycled Golf Balls are like new, mint condition recycled golf balls that just missed mint status, still like a new golf ball rolling out of the sleeve. Knetgolf’s Grade A Recycled Golf Balls are perfect for any handicap level golfer. Knetgolf’s Grade B Recycled Golf Balls are great condition golf balls that just miss grade A. Knetgolf’s Grade B Recycled Golf Balls are excellent for the high handicap or beginning golfer, or for a golf course with lots of hazards. Knetgolf’s Shag Quality Recycled Golf Balls are great for practice or that ever-difficult long shot over the water hazard.